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Aromatic Salt Scrubs - March 23, 2024

Berthoud Local's Educational Series presented the Aromatic Salt Scrubs workshop at the Berthoud Community Library. Attendees learned tips and tricks as they created their own personalized salt scrub to take home.

The class was presented by Joanne Hirsch, who has been making her own salt scrubs for the past several years. Her recommendations for creating and using salt scrubs:

  • Use any salt you would like - coarse or fine - depending on your preference.

  • Recommended for use on the body - hands, arms, legs, feet. Not recommended for use on the face.

  • Add different herbs like lavender or even coffee grounds to the scrub for extra aroma. Note: adding these can clog up your drains so only use these sparingly.

Don't miss the next class in our Educational Series on Saturday, April 13 - Reiki for Gardeners. Interested in growing "happy" plants, cultivating healing food, or energy work? This class is for you! (This is not a certification course, it is simply an introduction to Reiki.) Class will be held at the Berthoud Community Library. Register here.

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