Mission and Values

Our mission statement is:

To support and encourage a local food culture where people learn first-hand the place of agriculture in our community and the value of healthy food, environment and lifestyles.

Community Values:

  • Honoring our local place, both the natural and human environments

  • Providing opportunities for the community to experience the outdoors through local food activities

  • Supporting and advocating for local food producers

  • Developing a destination where positive exchanges among people, nature and organizations can promote our town economy and the town moniker, “The Garden Spot of Colorado”

Education Values:

  • Fostering care and concern for food production and nature in future generations who will provide food and care for the land

  • Providing environmental, nutritional and agricultural educational opportunities to the community

Health Values:

  • Creating better health in our community through access to healthy food and

  • Outdoor activity Fostering environmental stewardship

Agricultural Heritage Values:

  • Preserving the agricultural history of the Berthoud area

  • Demonstrating and improving drought resilience in our high desert climate through sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices

  • Enhancing the pastoral beauty of the area