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Affordable Ways to Eat Healthfully - March 9, 2024

Berthoud Local's Educational Series continued on Saturday with Emmy Ingham, RDN. An all-too-common mantra says, "It's too expensive to eat healthy." Emmy debunked that theory and gave the class ideas while explaining how to create nutritious meals on a budget using dry, canned, fresh, and frozen foods.

Emmy's Recommended Resources:

  • - simple recipes with step-by-step photo instructions

  • - empowering people affected by cancer to achieve better health through nutrition

  • - nutritionist passionate about real food, intuitive eating, meal-planning, and lunch-packing

Don't miss the next class in our Educational Series on Saturday, March 23! Using a variety of salts, essential oils and herbs we'll be making our own personalized, aromatic salt scrubs. Bring your own container and take home your special scrub. Register here. Class will be held at the Berthoud Community Library.

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