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Silent Auction Fundraiser

We are so excited for a new event we have scheduled for March!  We will be hosting a silent auction and dinner at Hale and Bradford’s Tasting Room in Berthoud. Hey, we need to pay bills, too, so we are hoping you will join us for some fun to help support Berthoud Local. We already have a great array of silent auction items pouring in from local businesses and artisans. I mean, come on, we are Berthoud Local! We are all about our local businesses!

This event will also feature a taco bar, and you guessed it, we are working on locally sourced ingredients! We are hoping you will join us for some fun, food, music and our auction. Meet the Board of Berthoud Local, find out what we do, and how we support local food in our community. We’ll have information available on how you can get involved, about our Community Garden in Pioneer Park, the Farmer’s Market and our wonderful Farm to Table dinner.

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