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Community Garden Updates - Spring 2024

By Garden Manager Emmy Ingham MS, RD

Spring is here and that means my mind is stirring… more so than usual this year. Big things are underway at the Community Garden and I am anxious to share! Normally, my garden mind is set in motion by seed catalogs, longer days and hints of green popping through dead leaves. This year, I have images of growth in a new way. Growing a new space to help us grow more good things…

Let me explain for those that might be new to this space on the web. The Community Garden has been a permanent fixture of Pioneer Park for over 10 years… and counting. Located on the northwest corner of the park, the garden has continually been a space for gathering and growing. It has looked different over the years, flowers have come and gone, gardening practices have ebbed and flowed, but the idea has remained the same - to grow good food and serve the Berthoud community.

While the Community Garden has done all those things and thrived (in weeds some years more than others), we are starting over and undergoing construction this spring. Reimagining and rebuilding the space will allow Berthoud Local to serve the community even better by supporting our mission to provide access to local food, education on sustainable growing practices, and opportunities for community involvement.

So, instead of years past of planning out the space on a piece of scratch paper, starting seeds when the temps are cold and dodging spring weather to get things in the dirt, I will be working with the Town to make a new space that is accessible for all and that will have room to grow a bountiful crop. Don’t get me wrong, I will miss the ever therapeutic digging in the cold ground to turn the soil and awaken the garden, but this season brings all new excitement and I know it will be great.

Stay tuned as I continue this story with you and see how OUR garden will grow…

The Community Garden is located in Pioneer Park – near the intersection of East Indiana Ave & SE 2nd St. in Berthoud, CO.



If you would like to get involved with Berthoud Local or the Community Garden please fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire Form at the link below. Come share in the fun! The work is easy & so gratifying. 

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