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Tax License Information

Berthoud Local is not a licensed tax advisor, the information on this page is put here for your convenience. Please see a licensed tax advisor to ensure your business is meeting all state and local requirements

The State of Colorado, Larimer County and the Town of Berthoud can all set sales tax rates for different items, at different rates. It is your responsibility to understand the taxes on each item you sell, and to collect those taxes at the time of sale at our market.

Click the link above for more detailed information fomr the State of Colorado. Form DR-1002 lists detailed tax rates for State, County and Town level. These may change year to year and it is important for you to ensure you are collecting and paying the proper sales tax

Before you can sell in town, you will need to apply for a State of Colorado Tax License. Click on the link above to apply for a license with the State of Colorado. Farmer's Markets are NOT Special Event Licenses, you will need to apply for a Standard Retail Tax License. Please read everything thoroughly for yourself, and apply for the license that applies for your business

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