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Berthoud Local Farmer's Market
Vendor Rules and Regulations

Your compliance with these rules is required and will ensure your opportunity to participate in the market

Vendor Fees and Attendance (fee + deposit)
The Berthoud Local Farmers Market now has a paid Market Director. Vendor Fees go towards funding this position, as well as paying for license fees and other expenses incurred by running the market.
Booth Fees: Paid at registration

10 x 10 Tent Space

  • Full Season (15 dates) $150.00

  • Half Season (8 dates) $120.00

  • Community Days (4 dates) $80.00

  • Single Date (1 date) $30.00

20 x 10 Tent Space

  • Full Season (15 dates) $200.00

  • Half Season (8 dates) $160.00

  • Community Days (4 dates) $100.00

  • Single Date (1 date) $40.00

Curb/On-Street Parking Space

we've had an increase in demand for trailer/truck spots parked on the curb. We have limited curbside space available, so we will need to know your rig size and dates in advance of every week. Specific time slots for setting up will be assigned in advance to allow for dropping off a trailer and removing the towing vehicle. Please do not park on the street the night before the market, as you may block access to another vendor.


Vehicle Only (<20 feet)

  • Full Season (15 dates) $150.00

  • Half Season (8 dates) $120.00

  • Community Days (4 dates) $80.00

  • Single Date (1 date) $30.00

Vehicle+Trailer. or long truck (20+ feet)

  • Full Season (15 dates) $200.00

  • Half Season (8 dates) $160.00

  • Community Days (4 dates) $100.00

  • Single Date (1 date) $40.00

Percentage of Gross Sales: Paid at end of each market

  • Farmers / Ranchers / Beekeepers 2%

Organizations that personally raise livestock / grow produce from their own labors to bring to

  • All other vendors 4%

Includes other food vendors – organizations who purchase ingredients for their products, as
well as all artisans and service providers.


Consistent attendance allows us to run a market that presents a professional image.
Attendance Deposit: Paid at registration

  • Full Season (15 dates) $50.00

  • Half Season (8 dates) $30.00

  • Community Days(4 dates) $30.00

  • Single Date (1 date) NA

The Deposit is fully refundable after the end of the market season provided:

  • Vendor attends scheduled dates. Each “No Show” date forfeits 50% of the Deposit. To avoid being considered a “No Show”:

    • Schedule Change notifications are due by Thursday prior to market day

    • Day-Of-Emergency notifications (by Text, preferably) by 8:00 am of market day

  • The Vendor was set up and open for business by 9:00. Each late setup date will forfeit 25% of the deposit.


Booth Space Assignments: Specific Booth Spaces will be reserved only for Season Vendors. All other vendors will be assigned a space when they check in with the Market Manager each date. Season Vendors who “No Show” will lose their assigned space for the rest of the season.

Self-Insured: Vendors must provide their own liability insurance coverage – general liability for all vendors, as well as product liability for food vendors. The policy must name “Berthoud Local, PO Box, 1331, Berthoud, CO 80513” as an additional insured on your policy, and a certificate of such must be provided to Berthoud Local with your registration.


Local Products / Services: Vendor products, both food and artisanal, must be local. Sustainable and handmade products, crafts and services are preferred. In all cases, all vendors must be approved by the Farmers Market Management and only products listed on the Vendor Application may be sold. Berthoud Local reserves the right to decline any vendor.


Religious Organizations & Business Promotion Booths, and vendors not meeting the above requirements will be allowed on “Community Days” only. Political booths displaying partisan posters or engaging in partisan discourse will not be allowed. Non partisan voter registration booths conforming to the above restrictions will be allowed on “Community Days”.


Pre-Registration is required for all vendors – walk up vendors will not be allowed.

Community Days: There will be 4 specific dates this season designated as “Community Days”. These dates are open to vendors not allowed during the regular market season. They will include Religious Organizations & Business Promotion Booths. See the Registration form for the dates designated as Community Days.


Licensing: All vendors are responsible for the necessary licensing and permits for their booth and must have copies on hand at each Market. The Berthoud Local Farmers Market reserves the right to revoke vendor privileges from vendors who do not obtain proper documents. The examples provided below are for informational purposes only, they are NOT all inclusive. It is the vendors’ responsibility to abide by the Larimer Department of Health Guidelines concerning the exposure of potentially hazardous products.

  • Produce Only – no licensing required

  • Cottage Foods Vendors – Certificate of completed food safety course displayed at market

    • Baked goods without dairy

    • Dehydrated fruits, vegetables, herbs

    • Jams / Jellies

    • Pickles

    • Whole Eggs

  • Foods intended to be consumed onsite need a restaurant license

    • Food Trucks

    • Drinks with ice

    • Baked goods with dairy (cheese/cream cheese in them) etc.

  • Vendors offering food samples will comply with food sampling guidelines. See:


Booth Assignment / Attendance: While we will do our best to ensure season vendors have a regular booth location, vendors are not guaranteed the space they want for each market. Vendors who use propane or other heated equipment may be required to take additional steps to preserve the grass -- including rotating your booth location throughout the season or providing a surface to protect the grass from heat or oil.

All Vendors must check in with the Market Manager at their arrival. Vendors without assigned spaces will get them at this time. Switching, adding or dropping markets within the season is allowed only with at least a 3 day’s notice of the date and with the Market Director’s approval. Failure to notify the director of a change in  schedule will result in the Vendor being considered a “No Show”. Each “No Show” date will forfeit 50% of the Attendance Deposit.

Curb side spaces are both very limited, and require us to block them off in advance so that vendors don't park there while setting up. You  should expect to move cones when you arrive - we'll always try to help but aren't always available. Please help us out by being extra communicative about your dates and if anything changes.

Set up / Break Down: Setup period is 7:30 – 9:00 – all vendors must be ready for business by 9:00 am – each day a vendor is late setting up will forfeit 25% of the Attendance Deposit. Vendors must provide all their own equipment, this includes: tables, chairs, proper signage, money, packaging, drop cloths, tents, canopies, etc. and must fit within the designated space.


Vehicles may be parked on the street to load / unload - Vendors are prohibited from driving on the grass. After unloading – please move your vehicle. As space is available, vendors are encouraged to park in the parking lot of Milestone Medical Group - 549 Mountain Ave (SE corner of Main / 6th) during the hours of the market. Please do not park directly adjacent to the market.


Sales made by weight must be measured with scales that have a current valid seal of approval from the “Colorado State Department of Agriculture Weights & Measures Division.”


No signage shall impede or hide other spaces.


All tents must be securely weighted with a minimum of 20 lbs. at each corner to withstand rainy or windy conditions.


Booths must be removed and space must be completely cleaned no later than one hour after the close of the Market. Vendor must collect all trash originating from your booth and remove it from the site when you leave.


Vendors may not break down before 12:00 pm unless you are out of product.


Vendors are required to checkout with the Market Manager to report your total sales, before leaving the area else risk losing your assigned space. Per cent sales due to the market must be paid at the end of each market.

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