COVID 19 Market Changes

Due to changes in our community in the face of a global pandemic, the Berthoud Farmer's Market will work to adhere to state and local guidelines, as well as best practices documented by the Colorado Farmer's Market Association to ensure we run a safe and successful market this summer. Please note that these may change at any time.

2021 Market Changes

  • Booths will all be spaced at least 6 feet apart, to maintain social distancing between vendors.

  • Vendors, volunteers and shoppers are welcome to wear masks at the market at any time.

  • Vendors may serve samples if following all approved guidelines for handling, including providing a hand wash station and trash collection.

  • Vendors should have hand sanitizer available, and should be able to wipe down any equipment used for financial transactions.

  • It will be requested that vendors provide signage in large lettering so that shoppers can easily see their products and prices without having to be near the booth